Our new 2-step tanning formula might be the only tanning solution that actually helps keep your skin safe.

Our scientists have recently discovered a breakthrough "drinkable" skin protecting formula that not only helps tan your skin, but also protects it from burning. What’s more, its natural ingredients are also known to lower the risk of skin related diseases.

The scientists have coupled the drinkable formula with a powerful tanning accelerator oil that can help tan faster & safer. Thanks to its unique blend of ingredients, this 100% natural oil has being giving users a burn-free, even glowing tan within just 30 minutes of use. 

So, What's It Called?

The 2-Step tanning formula is called Indi-Glow Tan Accelerator Kit, and is quickly being regarded as the safest, most natural way to bronze your skin.

Thanks to its unique blend of key nutrients and natural minerals, the Indi-Glow Tan Accelerator Kit penetrates into the skin for deep protection and bronzing effects. The nourishing accelerator, coupled with the zesty orange flavoured protectant drink is the key for a more even looking, smoother, radiant tan. This brilliant duo has a wide range of benefits for your skin including:

  • Offers 70% more protection from UV rays through our patented drinkable formula (consumed 20 mins before tanning)

  • Moisturizes and hydrates your skin leaving it feeling soft - even after 30 minutes in the sun 

  • Detoxifies and protects your skin from pollution

  • Promotes skin regeneration which can help improve the appearance of scars

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