Can This “Himalayan Ritual” Remove The Bags Under Your Eyes?

By Helen Parker, 04/11/18

Do you find that when you wake up your face just seems puffy, especially under your eyes? If so, you may want to try this…

American researchers have recently developed a remarkable new facial kit that could give your face a “youth reset”. During a 2017 expedition into the Himalayas, the researchers discovered local women were using a unique “facial detox ritual” using the salt from the region combined with an unusual crystal roller.

This combination has proven to be incredibly effective at reducing puffiness in the face, smoothing out wrinkles and even removing the bags from under your eyes. Making it “the perfect morning facial ritual”.


So, What's It Called?

The facial kit is called The Himalayan Detox , and is quickly being regarded as the best home ritual for rejuvenating your face. It’s designed in 2 steps:

Step 1: The Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

  • Exfoliate the face with a carefully formulated Himalayan Salt scrub

  • Himalayan Pink Salt is a truly unique salt that is said to be the most beneficial as well as the cleanest available on the planet today

  • It exfoliates away any dead skin and clears deep within your pores

Step 2: The Himalayan Jade Crystal Roller

  • Massage the face with a Himalayan Jade Crystal Roller

  • Himalayan Jade crystal also known as the “Stone of Eternal Youth” has been used in rollers for facial treatments by Chinese empresses for hundreds of years.

  • The roller increases circulation of lymph fluid in the face to remove any puffiness and reduces muscle tension whilst smoothing out wrinkles.

The end result is a brighter, more refined complexion without any lines or puffiness.

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