Our scientists have developed a new formula to help achieve beautiful, glowing, bronzed skin - fast.

Tanning lotions are often criticised for their streaky finishes, orange tint and their bad smell, however our talented team have spent years, working hard to develop a revolutionary self tanning product capable of delivering a flawless tan.

And guess what? They have decided to release it to the public, and it is taking the tanning industry by storm. To this date, many American's have already tried it and seen positive results, such as a "Natural bronze look" & "Glowing skin that smells great!"

So, What's It Called?

Our new self-tanning kit is called the "Flawless Glow Self Tan Kit", and it is a three piece kit designed to give you a flawless self-tan.

As the weather starts to get warmer, we all want to show off our skin (It's just human nature!) however, after months of being locked away in jackets, scarves and hats, it is not ready for the world to see it! This rush to gain a tan leads most people spend $$$ on sunny holidays or or even go to a tanning salon,  both of which can  result in sunburn and premature skin aging

Our self tan kit has been specifically formulated to work with your skin to give the most natural, flawless and glowing tan... without any of the risks. Many American's have already tried it, and are claiming that the kit:

  • Reduce streaky lines

  • Creates a natural looking tan 

  • Leaves skin glowing and bronzed after use 

  • Feels like a professional spray tan

  • Lasts longer than other similar self tanning products

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