About Weekday Warriors

Weekday Warriors is a fitness nutrition company based in NYC and is inspired by the busy city dwellers who work hard, play hard and keep an ambitious fitness regime squeezed into the gaps. Weekday Warriors was created by fitness professionals and sports nutritionists, for people who know that exercise and life doesn’t just begin on weekends; it is already happening all week. 

This busy schedule means we don’t always have the energy and fuel to get the most out of life and fitness. Unfortunately, the fitness nutrition industry doesn’t help much; it is full of products with hyperbolic claims, questionable ingredients and miracle cures designed for bodybuilders and Instagram abs-selfie exponents.

That’s not for us. Weekday Warriors was started with the aim to create innovative fitness nutrition with premium natural ingredients, backed by science and designed with YOU in mind – people with busy modern lifestyles.

Weekday Warriors. Fitness nutrition designed for you.