The Safer Way to Tan

As self-confessed sun worshippers, it's so important to look after our skin. Generally, we don't see moderate sun all day every day. Instead, we go on vacation a couple of times a year, and experience intense heat. And when the sun does shine when you're at home, it's easy to to forget sun screen. Our bodies then don't have enough time to build up the melanin production to deal with it, and this is when we get sun burnt. So we need to look after our skin, because with sun damage it can age badly. And no one wants that, nor do we want you looking like a lobster. 

So here's our best tips to make sure you can achieve the best tan you can, without damage.


So this one's easy, but simple to disregard. Luckily, SPF has come a long way since the gloopy, hard-to-apply formulas from a few years ago. You can now get Drinkable Protection, which makes application, well, none existent. No need to constantly keep applying throughout the day, and it’ll keep you safe for around 3-5 hours. There are also some sun screens on the high street, both affordable and easy to use. So we do still advise you to use sun screen at the same time as Drinkable Protection, just to be sure.

Avoid tanning beds if you can

So there’s two types of UV rays. UVA, which is the majority of the rays you get from tanning beds, gets deeper into the skin. You get barely any vitamin D and it’s more likely to cause wrinkles and age spots. UVB (this one comes along as a bonus package when you tan in the sun) is the one which provides the vitamin D and only penetrates the top layer, causing sunburn. Although the short-term effects are clearer, it’s UVA that’s more commonly linked with skin cancer. So, we advise you to stay clear of sun beds, and stick with the sun instead. But if tanning beds are your thing, then you can still use our Tan Accelerator on them, too. 

Know your tanning limits

Who knew there were any? Unfortunately we each have our own limit. A lot of it has to do with our skin tone, and the strength of the sun, but it’s usually around three hours. So keep to your limit and stay in the shade for some of the day. Because there’s no point in exposing your skin to the sun all day long, if all you’re going to do is burn. It’s best to be out in the sun for shorter periods and build it up over time.

This is where our Tan Accelerator comes to play

By using our Tan Accelerator, you can speed up the tanning process. So you can achieve your best ever tan, in less time, and with less exposure to the sun. It also helps keep your skin hydrated, because there’s nothing worse than desert dry skin at the end of the day, and your skin deserves a drink too.

Or faux the glow

Or sometimes, you can fake it to make it. If you prefer to avoid the sun, or you want to top your tan, our Tanning Lotion will keep your skin bronzed, glowing, and as moisturised as possible. It’s a gentle formula, and will give you an even, but dark tan. Tanning, without the risk.

Listen to your Mum.

Apply your SPF, drink plently of water and spend a little time in the shade, too.

Stay safe, babes.

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