How to Get the Best Tan of Your Life


Summer is upon us. And we’re ready to help you look like a beach babe, whether you’re heading off on vacation this year or not. But there’s always a lot to consider when tanning, will it be streaky? Will I burn? At Indi-Glow we want to get you the best tan you can while staying safe in the sun too. So, here’s our fail-safe way of getting the best, and darkest, tan of your life.

Fail to prepare…

Preparation is key when it comes to getting the Indi-Glow, and that’s where our Himalayan Salt Tan Preparator comes in. It’s full of natural minerals that will leave you glowing, before you even start to tan. It’s all you need to get rid of all the dead skin cells and boost circulation for an even and natural glow. It’s an essential part of the tanning process, whether you’re out in the sun, or spreading that tan on with a mitt.

Glow, not burn.

Sun cream is a faff. It’s messy and sticky, so it’s no surprise that not many of us bother, and when we do, we don’t apply enough. But it’s so important to look after your skin, as over-exposure to the sun can bring on premature aging (no one needs that) and there’s a higher risk of skin cancer. So here’s a revolutionary product you won’t believe, Drinkable Sun Protector. So no need to reapply every few hours, disrupting your chill in the sun. But you can keep your skin safe (yes, you can still tan through SPF). Just drink it up (it’ll keep you safe for around 3-5 hours) and know that you’re not doing any damage.

Accelerate your tan.

Less time in the sun, less time to get sun damage. And the quicker you can get that glow. IT works by increasing the amount of melanin in your skin, which is the pigment that changes your skin colour. So with this, you can get your body tanning as fast as possible, without having to sit in the sun all day. Our Tan Accelerator will get you the best tan of your life, whilst keeping your skin a hydrated as possible, with ingredients that will help your skin recover and repair itself. No burn, just a perfect summer glow. 

Drag out the vacation.

That’s it. You’ve got your tan and you're happy with the colour. But there’s nothing worse than watching your tan fade into nothingness. So to make sure your tan lasts longer than the vacation, top it up with our Self Tan Lotion, a super hydrating and glowing formula to keep your natural tan. Or to apply before you step out in the sunshine. By making sure you remain super hydrated, you can safely avoid any streaks.

Now, go get your tan on.

So you're exfoliated, protected and head to toe in Tan Accelator, now the key thing is to stay hydrated! We know we sound like your mom, but we can't stress this enough. For our body to produce melaninm we need to drink lots of water. And who wants flaky, dry skin anyway? When you're out in the sun you have to drink more than normal. So keep a water bottle with you, and enjoy it out there. 

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